Corporate Law in Cold Lake

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established corporation, you’ll need somebody who can guide you through the complexities of Corporate Law in Cold Lake. As a small business owner, Jay understands the challenges that you are facing and can offer the kind of advice you’ll need.


Incorporation, including professional corporations


Drafting shareholder and partnership agreements


Buying, selling or transferring a business


Writing employment contracts, NDAs and non-compete agreements


Legal advice on corporate policies covering paid leave, harassment and discrimination law


Advice on taxation and planning

For small start-up businesses, the costs of legal representation might seem daunting – after all, can’t you find the answers you need online? Aren’t there plenty of contract templates at your fingertips? Can’t you just set up a corporation at Service Canada?

The reality is that many small businesses don’t last eighteen months, and legal problems can be a major cause of this. Even if your business does fail, being able to call upon somebody who is experienced in corporate law in Cold Lake could allow you to keep your business afloat or allow you to wrap up your business with minimal damage to your long-term finances.

Larger businesses definitely need legal help: as your business grows, its exposure to legal problems grows, and you will need to become more tax-efficient by being smart with your money. You may also need to deal with the complexities of issuing shares, operating under different trade names, acquiring/being acquired by other businesses, or even franchising.

We’ll take care of paperwork, allowing you to concentrate on running (and growing) your business.

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